cab 5

We made our well-known 540 heel retention system last forever, based on the same concept but now working internally. The boot laces are passing through brand new “Super Light” eye loops, which are 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the previous ones while they keep the same performance, minimizing the friction thanks to their pulleys. This mechanism is a result of lace webbing directly linked to the tongue, the more you pull the lower lace the more you tighten the tongue to your ankle, sticking your heel to the boot with an increased retention and foot stability.

cab 3

Based on the new CAB5 heel retention system, we definitely made a step forward in heel retention for mid-entry boots level. The lower lace is now passing through an internal tape webbing that is pushing the tongue down to the ankle at 45 degrees dramatically increasing the heel retention. The more you pull the lower lace the more you lock your heel to the boot.

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