The ability to create a boot, which is able to flex in a progressive manner required years of research, experience on the snow, and many lab tests. The Flex window enhances comfort and mobility in your foot, and it perfectly represents the balance between power transmission and progressive flex. The side parts of the collar area slide on the upper-cuff transferring power in a constant way avoiding any possible overlap between materials which could lead to a waste of energy.


At the forefront with the application of Thermowelded Piping, Northwave has perfected its usage. This technology brings us distinct advantages both in terms of enabling us to integrate different materials and maintain a durable and resistant seamless outsole. This is particularly important in the ankle where there is no interruption of the upper boot technology bringing you progressive support from the heel to the calf. The visible asymmetrically differentiates the three zones in the boot: it provides stronger support on the outside for increased control when pressing, buttering and spinning; more flexibility on lateral inner boot and lighter still above.


Built into the exterior of your boot, our Heel Bumper guards against abrasion, wear and tear, and will give your boot extra reinforcement over its lifetime.

rubber toe shield

Based on the success we had on applying protections on upper to protect against abrasion, we are now also using it on the toe area always to give an extra reinforcement and extend its lifetime.

Power by

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