The Performer core features top quality Aspen wood that gives boards light and flexible feel while remaining responsive and sturdy. This strong durable core ensures agile responsiveness in all conditions.

premium pop

The Premium Pop core is made from the finest quality poplar wood. Homogenously distributed throughout the board, its low density is created by narrow veining that gives the board a unique feel. The core transmits energy continuously from the tip to the tail, giving the rider a feeling of being glued to the board. It is designed for all-terrain boards with freestyle aspects.

lightweight pop

From tip to tail, the Lightweight Pop core is constructed from light poplar wood. It has the same features as the Super Pop with less weight for higher ollies.

super pop

A tip to tail layer of pure solid poplar wood is the soul of the Super Pop core, which is lively, powerful, solid, and extremely durable.

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