Tf3 Pro

The TF3 Pro, is our TF3, but juiced up with a unique liner that works with our Corset Lacing on the Prophecy boot to give you the most consistent flex and foot security while riding. The laces are guided in a unique pattern to avoid issues with the corset.

540 Heel Retention System

The boot laces pass through pre-curved lace loops which helps the lace minimize its friction. When the laces are pulled to close the boot, they are at the same time pulling the webbings where the lace loops are linked. In this way the webbings shrink around the ankle, increasing heel stability. The more the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred in the ankle area, increasing the heel retention performance and foot stability.

Super Lace Sl

A Speed Lacing System that allows the closure of two different boot areas, the quarter part and the collar part, in order to allow you to select the perfect feeling on each part and improve comfort and foot stability. Your boot will be closed quickly and will stay tight and perform all day.

Heel Bumper

Built into the exterior of your boot, our Heel Bumper guards against abrasion, wear and tear, and will give your boot extra reinforcement over its lifetime.

Custom Flex

Add and customize variable flex in your boots by inserting two pieces of plastic to match your ideal riding style and comfort.

Vibram Version

The Double Crossbow system technology is further increased on the Vibram version, where we add their experience and credibility on outsoles to our new concepts. Vibram rubber features 30% more grip on ice and slippery surfaces. There’s nothing you would like better than Vibram Double Crossbow outsole!

Men's boots

prophecy S SL

Code: 70601103 | BLACK

Size: 240-305

Conceptualized and tested by our Pro Team, the Prophecy SL has a new look designed with our riders in mind. Every day in the park demands the versatility brought by our costum-flex tongue. One of our premier boots in the line, this boot will eternally deliver the goods on the hill and in the park.



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