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70706101 88 | GREY


The boot laces pass through pre-curved lace loops which helps the lace minimize its friction. When the laces are pulled to close the boot, they are at the same time pulling the webbings where the lace loops are linked. In this way the webbings shrink around the ankle, increasing heel stability. The more the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred in the ankle area, increasing the heel retention performance and foot stability.


Ultra high molecular Polyethylene (used on kites, parachutes and bullet-proof jackets) gives faster response to torsional force. It provides a durable performance at lighter weight, avoiding pressure points. Turn the knob to tight the lacing system. 25% faster compare to other mechanical reel closure systems. To tight the boot only 15 turns are necessary rather than 20 turns required by others.

liner tf1+
heel retention 540°
closure system spin
sole lightstep
25% faster compared to other mechanical reel closure systems.


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