New advanced lining material in Thermo-Fit Foam with target fit zones that can catalyze instantly with a heater or over time from natural body heat. Malleolus area anatomically designed and reinforced with injected memory foam for better retention and comfort for the feet. Brand new webbing on the line naturally adapts to the instep, thus permitting the closest fit, and distributing power of transmission all over the liner surface. Power strap for an even better fit.

Super Lace Sl

A Speed Lacing System that allows the closure of two different boot areas, the quarter part and the collar part, in order to allow you to select the perfect feeling on each part and improve comfort and foot stability. Your boot will be closed quickly and will stay tight and perform all day.

Domain Reinforcement

The Domain Reinforcement continues evolving, reaching a new level of flex. This advanced structure has been specifically redesigned in the outsole construction to gain an even more efficient power transmission and a great support in all-mountain riding. Thanks to a reinforced TPU arch that embodies the foot from the sole up to the calf, you will have a perfect connection with the binding and board, and all the progressive support you might desire!

Heel Bumper

Built into the exterior of your boot, our Heel Bumper guards against abrasion, wear and tear, and will give your boot extra reinforcement over its lifetime.

Vibram Version

The Double Crossbow system technology is further increased on the Vibram version, where we add their experience and credibility on outsoles to our new concepts. Vibram rubber features 30% more grip on ice and slippery surfaces. There’s nothing you would like better than Vibram Double Crossbow outsole!

Men's boots

domain SL

Code: 70602103 | DARK GREY

Size: 240-305

Long days in the backcountry mean long days in your boot. From the base to the peak, and back down again, the Domain leaves nothing to chance. It’s a perfect freeride boot built for long days chasing down the perfect turn, with our Flex window on the side, split board approved by, and eternally comfortable on long hikes.



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