Lining material in Thermo-Fit Foam with target fit zones that can catalyze instantly with a heater or over time from natural body heat. Toe area without seems for a better comfort on the feet. Comfortable EVA footbed with side supports for better thermal insulation and for shock absorption.

360 Heel Hold System

A complete wrap of the ankle… anchored to the heel of the boot, laces run through a brass or nylon loop to wrap around the heel to lock the ankle in place.

Light Step

The new Lightstep Outsole is the result of long research and development looking for performing materials with a specific weight lower than average sole materials.
The outsole is now 35% lighter compared to a traditional snowboard outsole. It can keep a perfect grip thanks to the new structure and to the new gripping design geometry, which has been studied with innovative materials, in order guarantee a higher abrasion resistance. On top of that, it provides a perfect thermal isolation, protecting feet from the cold outside, and it constantly cushions every vibration and impact.

Women's boots


Code: 70510201 | WHITE

Size: 220-275

The Dime is the boot that never disappoints, and never will go out of style. A standard lacing system and a timeless look bring back this all mountain boot for generations to come.



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