Triax on top and biax on bottom, strategically combined to ensure freestyle versatility and carve control. Improved edge hold with extra poppy tip and tail.

Directional Twin

Tip and tail area on these boards are the same width. Tail is usually shorter than the tip and the inserts are slightly offset toward the tail of the board.


This particular shape improves overall control of the board by keeping the full contact length, but shrinking the actual board size. The shape comes with a straight cut on the tip and tail areas, which makes the board shorter than a regular board. This reduces weight and improves rotation. The end result is a lightweight, playful board, ideal for freestyle maneuvers but great in all other types of terrain.

Sintra 8000

The finest P-Tex material grounded together with Nano carbon particles, heated, pressed, and then sliced to offer the fastest base in our collection. Nano additives hold heat, and then discharge. The process breaks the surface tension of snow and reduces friction. The result is an extraordinary running base with the highest level of wax absorption.

Classic Camber

Developed for riders that want to keep that stable and secure feel when they are riding super-fast or going big. Classic Camber provides a flawless amount of pop and all the rest needs no explanation.

Men's boards


Code: 76261005

Size: 152-154-158-161

Take the best parts of all of our riders’ game, and roll it up into one board: this is the Team, our most versatile all mountain board. Send steep faces in AK, that blower pow in Japan, and roll slushy days in the park with the Team. If you like a bit of everything there is no better choice.


For The best performance


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