Twin Tip

The width and length of tip and tail are exactly the same. Inserts and stance are perfectly centered with no set back.


These boards are horizontally level, with a flat base that touches the floor even at the centre. They feature zero Camber between your feet with rockers outside each foot like a skateboard that lift the tip and tail completely off the snow. Super easy to slip and slide, this shape makes the board feel loose, soft, and effortless to press and butter; it will fuel your park creativity.


Glass fibers are positioned at 90° off-axis to transmit soft torsional stiffness for an easy carving ride.


This particular shape improves overall control of the board by keeping the full contact length, but shrinking the actual board size. The shape comes with a straight cut on the tip and tail areas, which makes the board shorter than a regular board. This reduces weight and improves rotation. The end result is a lightweight, playful board, ideal for freestyle maneuvers but great in all other types of terrain.

Youth's boards


Code: 76261015

Size: 100-110-120-130-135

The LF board has been specifically designed for youth progression and general riding enjoyment. This board features a flat camber with zero rocker and contact points off the snow, so you’re little ripper doesn’t catch their edges. With a Biax core for fun, and easy riding, the LF is the ultimate board to progress the skills and talents of your young one in the parks, backcountry, and everywhere in between.


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