Pow Camber

Brand new camber-line with transition into nose and tail which adapts dynamically. It gives you the right confidence in hard turns and at the same time leaves the board playful and forgiving at low speeds. Amazing all-mountain camber, it helps you in the powder by lifting the nose out of the snow and it is awesome in flat tricks because it shortens the contact points on the edge.

Sintra 8000

The finest P-Tex material grounded together with Nano carbon particles, heated, pressed, and then sliced to offer the fastest base in our collection. Nano additives hold heat, and then discharge. The process breaks the surface tension of snow and reduces friction. The result is an extraordinary running base with the highest level of wax absorption.


Glass fibers are positioned at 90° off-axis to transmit soft torsional stiffness for an easy carving ride.


The tip of a directional snowboard is different from its tail. The tail is usually narrower, shorter, and flatter that the tip of the board. Stance is offset toward the tail of the board. These boards are primarily meant to be ridden in one direction.

Men's boards


Code: 76261009

Size: 163

The Battle brings a radical approach to the world of freeriding. Send that aloha feeling into the lift line, and strap on the raddest board around. Chill and forgiving, made to ride the trees in Japan and slash the pow in Laax, the Battle is no joke.


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