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Light Saber

The Light Saber is an evolution of the Delta Light base plate. We reduced the contact points to the minimum, in order to give you a better feeling while riding, whilst reducing the weight. The heelcup positioning is totally tool less: 3 different positions, adjustable with two levers placed on the baseplate. Last but not least, the new Light Saber base plate, gives you the opportunity to adjust the highback independently from the ankle straps, this means 13 different customizable combinations to suit your riding style.

Full Prime

This new highback will revolutionize your riding style.
A central spine gives the strength needed to support any pressure and the side vents give extra flex for your turns and rotations.

baseplate light saber
highback full prime
ankle strap gt
buckles Mg12
It has all the best features!
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Bond tool less
  • Natural cant evo
  • Receptor
  • Toe glove


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