A collection of highbacks specifically conceived for a woman’s biological makeup, constructed with a shorter, rounded top for extra support and the best possible fit. Unique also in the look, because it combines an excellent flex and response with an outstanding dedicated design with that girlish touch you’ll be stoked!

Mac 4

Fast, lightweight, aluminum ratchets for advanced performance.

Delta Light

Engineered with the highest quality aluminum and fiber reinforced nylon. This ultra-light weight baseplate was designed to enhance response and board feel. The weight on this baseplate was dramatically reduced by removing heavy plastic and replacing it with an EVA dampening pad. Delta-Lite has an all new contact pad placed directly on the board to better dampen and take riding to a whole new level.

Women's bindings


Code: 71161025/10 | BLACK

Size: S-M-L

Fully equipped, the Queen is the entry level binding you want with all the features you need. The top quality materials arethe perfect option for just getting into snowboarding.



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