Checkered Carbon

We decided to make the decisive breakthrough and create the most performing highback ever. We searched, and selected a highly technical carbon fiber and a special layer of Feather®, an innovative super advanced material. The combination of these two materials creates a highback providing a totally new sensation to your riding. Lighter and more flexible than a common carbon made highback, it astonishes for its resistance to impacts and compressions, has capacity to handle nearly every tension, and above all has such a feather light weight you won’t even notice it!

Omnichrom Light

Le stesse performance comprovate e un archetto che è migliorato grazie ad una maggiore leggerezza nel ponte. Assicura la stessa reattività e incrementa la flessibilità, l’Ominchrom Light riduce il peso complessivo evitando il materiale non necessario dal ponte alla base.


The new GT strap offers the right amount of comfort and lightness that you need. GT ankle strap has been developed for riders that like to push hard all day long without pressure points.


Take the quickest, and most efficient ratchet in the market, appreciated for its ability to slide five ladder steps every crank and its ergonomic shape to fasten the ratcheting and releasing operations. Then reduce the weight by 25% using Magnesium instead of aluminum and add even more precision with the new metal button release. You have yet to try the best.

Men's bindings

podium FF

Code: 71151006/10 |

Size: L-XL

The Podium FF is a stiff binding perfect for super precise riding with very reactive response direct to the board. Coupled with a stiff boot, the ultralight binding with a carbon high back delivers peak performance, and heelside response and control.



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