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Kohei Kudo

Favorite trick: Tuck - knee grab
Home resort: Novel Mountain Park
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Age: 25
Board: Team Kohei
Bindings: Reload
Boots: Decade

Antti Autti

Riding style: All Mountain
Favorite trick: Fs 360
Home resort: Ounasvaara
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Age: 30
Board: Team & Guerrilla
Bindings: Reload & Supersport
Boots: Legend

Nejc Pucko

Riding style: Street, park
Favorite trick: Fs 360
Home resort: Pohorje
Goofy or Regular: Goofy
Age: 22
Board: DF2
Bindings: Reload
Boots: Freedom

Lucien Koch

Riding style: Park
Favorite trick: Fs 720
Home resort: Wildhaus
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Age: 19
Board: DF1
Bindings: Fifty
Boots: Prophecy

Niklas Askmyr

Riding style: Jumps & Rails
Favorite trick: Fs 360
Home resort: Dundret
Goofy or Regular: Regular
Age: 25
Board: Team & Urban
Bindings: Reload
Boots: Decade
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Snowboarding is something that radiates from deep inside of all of us; what starts as an adventure or a sliver of curiosity has bloomed into a lifetime obsession with simultaneously vague and precise elation. It’s not the turns, the pow, the slashes, or the parks that fuel our love. It’s anable. It’s the unseen. At Northwave and Drake there is a wealth of talent, experience, and passion.
We collectively work daily with our family of the world’s greatest snowboarders, designers, and artists to strive for the unreachable: perfection.
With each product, it brings about an offspring with an appetite for the obscure, the ‘impossible’, and the glimmer of a conceivable future of riding and products. We choose to take the path that will lead us toward a new revolution.


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